Increase System Sales, Royalty Income and Sell More Franchises

Store Front Windows can become Live Billboards, motion-activated, with interactive touch screens that demo your products, feature updates and new offerings - any time, day and night, even while you're closed. The possibilities are virtually endless! Your VM can be your president, your mascot, your logo or even your product. Your VM System promotes your offerings, specials, new product information consistently and interactively to captivate customers. Increase sales and decrease labour costs with up to 5 individual messages e.g. different languages, products & services, that can be changed or updated as needed.


Your VM System and your customized video productions can be financed by the National Advertising Fund and supplier/ co-op programs for additional revenues.

The VM System is a win/win solution

Franchisors raise the profile of their brand and increase overall revenues. Franchisees benefit from more sales, more visibility, instant recognition and more new customers.

Motion-sensitive, they actually stop people in their tracks!

Why Franchisors Need This

Every franchisor knows that increasing unit sales and royalty revenues is essential for growth. With Virtual Messenger Systems, you can increase royalties, create additional revenue streams and sell more franchises:

1. Suppliers can “rent” ad space on the messages to promote their products

2. Franchisors can carry an inventory of VM Systems for trade shows, new store openings and other special events. These can be shared with your franchisees for free or for a fee

3. Franchisors can add a VM System to their Turn Key Package, and it can be 100% financed with the Small Business Loan. Financing is also available to existing franchisees who would like to purchase or lease a VM

4. The franchisor can become the distributor and supply the VM Systems and custom video messages to your franchisees

5. Franchisors can change and modify the message anytime and manage the marketing message throughout the chain

Why Your Franchisees Need This

Many franchisees are not fond of selling, do poorly at it or just ignore it. Some are afraid to start up a conversation in the first place. The VM System is the perfect host or greeter to “open” a conversation with customers and increase sales.

The VM interactive model engages customers, providing a better shopping experience and keeping the customer in the store longer, increasing the desire to purchase.

At restaurants your VM can greet guests in a choice of languages, show the menu, highlight the day’s specials, and keep patrons engaged. It will increase product sales and generate trial of new products, increasing the average purchase.

When people need to wait in line, the VM System will introduce your offerings and engage your prospects, increasing sales.

Your Cost is VIRTUALLY ZERO. The Potential is VIRTUALLY UNLIMITED. Contact Us To Arrange Your Free On-site Demonstration.

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E-mail: bfrank@virtualmessenger.ca
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TF: 1-800-293-4929

Your VM will:

  • Increase product sales & unit royalties
  • Drive more traffic into your stores
  • Boost your brand awareness
  • Promote your offerings, specials and new products
  • Generate new revenues from your suppliers
  • Deliver consistent and engaging presentations of your product or service, 24/7/365
  • Reduce unit labour costs
  • Sell more franchises



You'll find more photos and videos of Virtual Messenger in action on our Portfolio page.


  • High visibility
  • Touchscreen navigation
  • Motion-sensitive and can welcome customers as they approach
  • Can set up auto-refresh when someone steps away
  • Can interact with mobile and other digital devices
  • Updates and new content can be uploaded remotely
  • Delivers text messages, videos, pictures, dynamic content, QR codes
  • Captures user content and delivers analytics
  • Can use existing marketing and advertising content
  • Can offer any product information, call to action or even make a sell

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