About Us

Virtual Messenger company is a result of an association of a leading Canadian marketing firm that has been involved in all forms of business development, trade show, seminar and event marketing for the past 30 years and a multimedia production studio with an experience and expertise in audio, video, post production, software development and digital signage.

Since 2011 we have delivered virtual projected solutions for Shell, Pepsi, Loblaws and have sold & installed projection units worldwide. Each of these units came with a custom produced multimedia message.

The firm operates from its Head Office in Toronto, Canada, with offices located in Montreal, Calgary and Dubai.

What the Clients Say


215-155 Gordon Baker Road, Toronto, Ontario, M2H 3N5 Canada

  • +1 416 447 3029

  • info@virtualmessenger.ca

  • www.virtualmessenger.ca

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