Promote your business wherever you are

While you are driving or at your place of business or doing an installation, your car or van can transform into a mobile billboard – also looped or touch screen interactive, depending on your needs.

Mini technology is built into your van or car, with dynamic imagery appearing on the car or van window, complete with sound! A real “Traffic Stopper” to build and grow your business.

Anything is possible with the right technology, the right combination of skill, creativity, flexibility and experience. VM creates custom solutions for custom situations and there’s one for your business!

Works 24/7

Virtual Messenger™ doesn't need a break! It's always attractive and friendly, never forgets things or gets distracted, has no harmful habits.

Attracts attention

The intriguing “real-ness” of the imagery and the creative presentation of offerings, directions and guidance create an unforgettable experience for your audience.

Gets results

This absolute traffic-stopper is ideal to promote your business at trade shows or stores. It can offer any product information, call to action or even make a sell!


  • High visibility
  • Can interact with mobile and other digital devices
  • Content can be changed easily - just replace the flash drive
  • Delivers text messages, videos, pictures, dynamic content, QR codes
  • Can use existing marketing and advertising content
  • Can offer any product information, call to action or even make a sale


You'll find more photos and videos of Virtual Messenger in action on our Portfolio page.

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