Frequently Asked Questions

At Virtual Messenger, we are happy to provide you with any information you may need about the most up-to-date marketing tools. Please browse our list of frequently asked questions below. If you haven't found what you're looking for, please use the contact form or email to send us your question.

How long does it take to produce the Virtual Messenger?

Normally the production of the hardware and the multimedia content takes about 3 weeks. It can move faster or slower depending on the approval process of production stages at client's side.

How much does it cost?

All our products are customized to our client's needs. The cost depends on many factors: hardware set, complexity of the multimedia content, number of messages, interactivity level, light conditions at the place of installation etc.

Please describe your project to us and we'll be glad to offer you a system that meets both your requirements and budget.

What is the warranty?

Virtual Messenger provides standard 1 year warranty on all electronic components. Extended warranty packages are also available. Please ask us for details.

Can we use our employee as a model for VM?

Yes. Anyone can be a holographic presenter: CEO or employee, celebrity or mascot, even a product.

Do you ship to ... ?

Yes, we do. Please contact our sales department to check the shipping cost to your location.

Are there any limits to the Live Window size?

Our Live Window can be any size and any shape. We can combine several powerful projectors to cover virtually any area.

Can I keep my Mobile Messenger on while I'm driving?

Please check your local traffic act regarding Vehicle Billboards in motion.